Driving lessons are always given to a high standard in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with very competitive prices. Extra qualifications of DVSA Fleet Registration and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Driving Lessons


Driving lessons follow the full Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus in their ‘client-led‘ approach. For a brand-new beginner, each lesson is conducted for the first time with a guided approach, where the instructor takes 100% responsibility.
After successfully completing the guided approach the prompted method is used, where instructor and learner share responsibility.
On successful completion of the prompted approach the learner takes 100% responsibility, where the Instructor can step in and take verbal or physical intervention, where necessary. 
For an experienced learner an Assessment Drive is offered where the learner takes 100% responsibility, based on the Instructor’s directions, which is a massive help where it highlights the Learner’s strengths and weaknesses, and then we can fill in the missing gaps from there.
Whether the learner is brand new or part-trained, driving lessons are always a high standard and we always go at the pace of the learner, whether that be fast or slow, to maximise their learning experience
When the learner is starting to fully control the vehicle by themselves we then introduce the learner to commentary driving, where the learner commentates on everything they see ahead into the distance and then middle distance and what they see nearby and then check the mirrors for each of the hazards, so the learner is fully aware of their surroundings.
Commentary driving has multiple benefits which are:
  • increased alertness and awareness,
  • increased concentration and increased confidence,
  • it helps send the information from short term memory to long term memory, so it’s remembered for life
  • even helps with tiredness if difficult to pull over,
  • it can even be used on driving test so the test “just feels like” a normal lesson,
  • when the Learner has passed it helps the new Full Licence Holder to self-reflect and self-evaluate on their own standard of driving and
  • to enhance safe driving for life.
Mock tests are also given to check if the learner is at test standard to increase their chances of passing.

Refresher lessons


Refresher lessons are also available for Full Licence Holders who have not driven for some time or have never driven since they passed their driving test. Specific help is also possible for those who need assistance on roundabouts, reverse manoeuvres or motorways or whatever else they may need.

Pass Plus


Approved by the DVSA “Driving Vehicle Standards Agency” to teach Pass Plus for Full Licence Holders who wish to gain many new skills in a short time to vastly improve their driving experience and expertise. These new skills are based on 6 modules of:

  1. Introduction and Town Driving
  2. All Weather Driving
  3. Out of Town Driving and Rural, Country Road
  4. Night Driving
  5. Dual Carriageway
  6. Motorway



We have been on the DVSA’s Fleet Driver Trainer Register since 2012, where we can assess the company car or van driver’s ability by doing an Assessment Drive. For this initial Assessment Drive this is where the company driver takes 100% responsibility, based on the Instructor’s directions, which is a massive help where it highlights the company driver’s strengths and weaknesses, and then we can fill in the missing gaps from there. This is done by identifying the risks, analysing them and then correcting them, by going for a further drive where we prompt the company driver on those risks to improve and when improved offer the company driver 100% responsibility again. By doing this we make the company driver much safer, where they then start to enjoy their driving much more, by feeling much more relaxed, rather than being typically always “stressed-out” by trying to beat the clock.



Another option other than Pass Plus for Full Licence Holders is a motorway refresher lesson for somebody with previous motorway experience who wishes to update that experience. Alternatively, if a Full Licence Holder has no motorway experience and wishes to gain those skills and combined confidence that’s also possible. Current legislation states that if a Learner is to drive on a motorway this is ONLY possible with an approved driving Instructor with Dual Controls, but the Learner’s driving test does not allow a learner to drive on the motorway.

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