FAQs about learning to drive

Lessons can commence when reaching 17 years old or later

You must have this plastic licence to start lessons, to sit your theory test and also to take your practical test.

The provisional driving licence; glasses or contact lenses, if required, to read car registration plate from required distance; your smart phone; cash payment; your national insurance number, which you must not pass to your driving instructor, where you enter  it on to a DVSA.GOV.UK website on your own smart phone to check if an illegal hacker has illegally hacked in to your licence details. If the illegal hacker has recorded 12 points or more on your licence then the Learner Driver, the Instructor and the Car are not covered for Insurance and Legal reasons. This is rare, but it could happen. Currently you will also need to wear your own face mask for lessons, as also required for the driving test, due to the corona virus pandemic. Hand sanitiser will be provided. When paying cash for the lessons you can pay for 2 hours for each lesson or pay for a block of lessons, by taking advantage of the block booking discounts. Finally, wearing shoes with a thin sole means you will have a much better feel of the pedals meaning a much smoother transmission in moving off, accelerating, braking, changing gear and parking.

A 2 hours lessons per week is strongly recommended, so you learn much more and make plenty of progress by consolidating the information by muscle memory, unless you wish to take more than 2 hours per week, subject to availability. Regular lessons are key so the skills and understanding are not forgotten, but if you work an irregular college or shift pattern the secret is to book lessons in advance to secure those lessons, where we aim to be flexible, so if you can not make a lesson due to your commitments we just ask for 2 day’s notice to be given where possible. A 2 hour’s weekly lesson has been evidenced from many years teaching and learning experience from dealing with thousands of Learners.

Yes you can, but only if you are being taught by a fully qualified and approved driving instructor who has a valid green badge, to prove his qualification, and he must have dual controls. The Learner will only be expected to drive on the Motorway when they feel confident and ready, with, of course, full assistance from the Instructor once the Learner has been fully briefed, towards the  end of the Learner’s syllabus. On test with the examiner there is no legislation to drive on the motorway so the Learner must not try to enter the motorway. Also, as a Learner it is possible to drive on Dual Carriageways both during lessons and on Test.

No. There are various options of doing driving lessons first or doing theory first or doing the practical driving lessons and the theory together. The most effective option is doing the practical and theory together as when you learn the theory you can then apply it to learning the practical immediately in the next lesson, which then consolidates the learning much more. Before applying for the practical test the theory test must be passed first as you need to enter the theory test pass certificate number as part of the practical test application.

It lasts for 2 years, but the practical test must be passed in that time, unless theory test must be passed again.

A brand-new Peugeot 208 with a very smooth petrol engine, which is manual transmission.

Yes, it’s very flexible, subject to availability.

As shown on the website in “The Areas Covered” section, numerous areas are covered both inside and outside of South Manchester.

Provisional driving licence, theory test certificate, and currently face mask, a spare face mask, in case one of face masks break, and the Learner’s own pen as examiner and Learner can not share pens due to Corona Virus Pandemic.

Yes, but if somebody passes an automatic car test they can not drive a manual car unless they pass a manual car test and only then can they drive a manual car.

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