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Andrew Brady has been working as an approved driving instructor (ADI) in Sale, M33, Greater Manchester, since 2007. He prides himself on a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during lessons, with the highest standard of coaching and teaching. He also has advanced qualifications, including DVSA fleet registration and IAM Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Andrew has helped hundreds of learners in Greater Manchester become safe and confident drivers and pass their test. Here are some testimonials from just of a few of the many successful pupils of AB Driving School Sale.

I've passed my test first time with Andy Brady, where he has motivated me and taught me very well and has made it much easier to pass first time. I am very thankful to Andy for his teaching as when I made mistakes he always remained calm which also kept me calm, and at the same time this made me believe in myself much more and also made me a more confident driver. Andy also got me to commentate on what I saw in the road ahead and what I saw in the mirrors, which kept me alert and aware, and helped with my concentration and confidence. Now that I have passed the commentary will help me to self-reflect on my future driving experiences, so when things go well I shall retain them as part of my driving, and if I suffer a bad experience I will learn from it so I can remove that from my driving. Therefore, I always enjoyed Andy's teaching style from day 1 all the way through to the test day and as he has helped me a lot to pass test first time, I would recommend Andy for any other driver who needs lessons


Andy is a great and thorough teacher. I enjoyed my time learning how to drive. He is very understanding and patient. You will be taught everything you need to know to pass your driving test. Andy is highly recommended!!


Andy is a 10/10 instructor who helped get me a first time pass, and he is also a great guy and I would recommend him to everyone


I had not driven for the most part of 10 years, since passing my driving test, and lost all confidence with driving, so I took some refresher lessons with Andy. Andy was really thorough in teaching me the basics and then right through to motorway driving. The lessons really helped boost my confidence and get me back on the road


I passed my practical test with Andy, being my best lifetime achievement by a clear mile. During my lessons, Andy was always patient and supportive, and when the lessons became challenging Andy always remained calm and relaxed. I would recommend him 100% to all and everyone


I took some refresher lessons with Andy after having not driven since passing my test 7 years ago. Andy was extremely patient and thorough in taking me from being the equivalent of a complete beginner again to being confident on the road, to include roundabouts, dual carriageways, motorways and reverse manoeuvres. For the reverse manoeuvres he showed me the left parallel reverse park, left reverse round the corner, and the 3 point turn in the road from the driving test of 7 years ago. I also did the modern driving test manoeuvres of the left parallel reverse park, drive into a bay and reverse out, and park up on the right and reverse. Andy also showed me the right parallel reverse park and the right reverse round the corner


Andy is a fantastic instructor who took me from never driving to passing my test in five short days


Andy helped me pass my theory and driving test first time. He focused on areas that needed improvement to help me achieve a much higher standard of driving


Thanks again to Andy to whom I owe my license. Definitely would recommend to anyone


Passed my test 1st time with Andy Brady at Manchester. He was very patient and thorough. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor


Working with Andy Brady in Manchester this week. Has given me plenty of confidence as a beginner driver. Even when hesitant over certain aspects, he encouraged me to move out of the comfort. Definitely recommended for all levels


Andy Brady has taught me a lot throughout this week he has pushed me to do everything and has been a great instructor


I've done my course at Manchester with the instructor Andy Brady outstanding teaching even taught me outside the syllabus which is amazing I've learnt a lot over the course of 20 hours and I'm more confident now than I was at the start of the week


Had a really good week with my instructor Andy Brady at Manchester. He was very thorough with all his instructions and he went out of his way to learn me manoeuvres that weren't even on the syllabus and one especially that I wanted to learn was the reverse parking into a bay for when I'm passed and parking at work


Had a great time learning to drive. I was a beginner when I came and have progressed so much with thanks to instructor Andy Brady at Manchester


Andy Brady at the Manchester office, great instructor. Learnt a lot in a short space of time, very clear with instructions etc and always willing to answer unsure questions


Just passed my practical driving test first time with many thanks to my excellent instructor Andy Brady I'm a very happy man


Just had my course went very well would highly recommend doing this course in Manchester. Did my driving test today and passed first time. Highly recommend Andy Brady for being my driving Instructor


Andy Brady at the Manchester branch has done a fantastic job at teaching me how to drive through the week. I started as a complete beginner and he's remained patient with me when I make mistakes and after he gave me helpful feedback that made my experience of driving with Andy fun and positive. Andy even made the time for me to take me onto motorways and gave me the confidence to drive on motorways safely


Passed first time with Andy Brady at the Manchester branch, good experience, really happy


Done the week's course with Andy Brady at Manchester. I really enjoyed the intensive experience and feel like I have come a long way since starting the driving on Monday. Was able to improve on the practical aspects of driving. Really recommended


Before Andy Brady at the Manchester branch started to teach me, I had previous bad experiences in learning to drive with past instructors. I'm quite a nervous person behind the wheel and I can safely say that has gone now. Andy has been absolutely amazing, as he's so relaxed, professional and extremely good at what he does. I couldn't recommend the course more, where I have learnt extra things that are not on the syllabus which will really help me in the future with my driving, such as motorway driving, one-way systems, country roads and level crossings


I have really enjoyed all my lessons with Andy Brady as he is very thorough, helpful and has taught me so much, which I have never been shown before on my lessons with previous instructors. He even went the extra mile inĀ  showing me extra skills that are not part of the traditional learner syllabus and also took me on the motorway. As well as this he prompted me often to improve and encouraged me to commentate on my driving to improve my concentration and confidence, and also my alertness and my awareness, and to also self-reflect to keep improving on my driving. I would therefore 100% recommend him to anyone


I'm on my final day of the week's course and Andy Brady has been amazing. He has taught me a lot in the week and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor


I passed my practical driving test with only 5 minor faults! A massive thanks to Andy Brady for getting me through this test first time


On my course of lessons I had Andy Brady as my instructor. He has been amazing throughout! He is very thorough and helpful


I passed my test first time with Andy Brady, where I cannot thank him enough, as he is an amazing instructor. Therefore, I am over the moon, as it's my greatest achievement ever


Andy Brady at the Manchester branch gave me an excellent experience and took the learning at my pace and broke down numerous problems and making sure I understood all of them


Andy Brady has taught me loads of extra things, for example, taking me on the motorway, even though I started out as an absolute beginner. I also feel like I have learned quite a lot within the space of just 1 week


I am happy to have passed my test with Andy Brady with only 2 minor faults, being my top life achievement to date


I would like to say a special thanks to Andy Brady who helped me improve my driving skills and awareness


Andy Brady at the Manchester Branch managed to teach me more than previous instructors. He also showed me new ways of learning and retaining information. He was extremely patient with me as there was a lot of information to process. His patience and kind approach to teaching is what has got me to this standard


Passed my test first time thanks to Andy Brady at the Manchester Branch. It's my greatest achievement to date


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